1. an irregularity or inconsistency.
  2. something that is strange or unusual.
  3. (NASAspeak) any event, big or small, out of the ordinary, like a shuttle explosion or a broken instrument

7 letters in word "anomaly": A A L M N O Y.

No anagrams for anomaly found in this word list.

Words found within anomaly:

aa aal al ala alamo alan alay alma am ama amla amyl an ana anoa anomy any ay la laa lam lama lana lay layman lo loam loamy loan loma loy lyam lym ma maa mal man mana manly mano many may maya mayan mayo mna mo moa moan mol mola moly mon mona monal mony moy moya moyl my myal myna na naam nala nam nay no nom noma noy ny nyala olm om on onlay only oy ya yam yo yom yon